Canna Man Oklahoma

The Canna Cafe

Our Canna Cafe Commitment To You

Canna Cafe, located in Langley, Oklahoma at the Minerva Canna of Oklahoma headquarters, is proud to serve the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Industry.

Our menu of high-end, infused edibles – made from the highest quality ingredients and distillate – is designed to help patients with a variety of ailments throughout the state.

You will find an assortment of chocolate bars made with chocolate imported from France.

Each bar is poured and individually decorated by one of our very talented Cannabis Chefs.

Our gelatin for our gummies is made from only pork skins and is the highest quality you can buy.

All cookies, brownies, cakes, and drinks are made from homemade recipes that will please any patient.

Why Distillate or Hybrid FSO?

Oil and distillate

Minerva Canna, through the Canna Cafe Kitchen, strives to provide edibles of the finest quality and to stay educated about how we serve you.

We now cook with a better quality THC oil to reflect the latest scientific research on the way edibles are absorbed by the body.

It all starts with terpenes, which are the aromatic oil in cannabis that helps determine the strain.

Different terpenes influence whether a plant has Indica or Sativa qualities.

Sativa is generally associated with an uplifting experience, Indica a calming one, and there is little difference in THC content between indica and sativa.

Terpenes are what makes the difference between the strains.

When you inhale cannabis, the type of strain matters – the active chemicals go straight into your bloodstream.

However, consuming an edible is different.

Digestion metabolizes the terpenes so they don’t affect you like they do when inhaled.

Basically, terpenes are filtered out when eaten.

Also, the THC in edibles is converted to 11-Hydroxy THC, which is what causes a longer-lasting (6 to 8 hours) and more psychoactive effect than inhalation.

This means that you no longer have to be concerned with indica or sativa labeling when shopping our edibles selection.

The distillate is a better product that contains no terpenes after extraction, with pure THC and a cleaner taste.

We are very excited to be using it in our edibles!

We can make higher dosed products while maintaining their award-winning flavors.

Did You Know?

Everybody absorbs and metabolizes THC a little differently, which impacts how edibles make you feel.

A few factors to consider when consuming an edible include personal tolerance levels, the time of day, your energy level, and what you have had to eat or drink.

Even the placebo effect can greatly impact how we perceive cannabis influence.

If you have any questions about our methods or ingredients – or anything else – please feel free to ask one of our professionally trained Budtenders or you can reach out to our Canna Cafe Chef via email at

If you are a dispensary owner or manager in Oklahoma and are interested in carrying our popular Canna Cafe products, please call Kati at (417) 766-6675 or email Kati HERE.