Minerva Canna of Oklahoma


At Minerva Canna of Oklahoma, we believe that nature provides the best medicine. And that is why we are here – to help you manage your wellness with only the finest and most pure Oklahoma grown and sourced cannabis products.


With four locations to serve you in Broken Arrow, Grove, Langley, and Tahlequah, relief is never too far away.


Our Canna Cafe Kitchen produces award-winning chocolate bars, baked goods, gummies, and drinks that can be found in our retail locations plus other fine dispensaries around the state.

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A Little About Minerva Canna

It was on June 26, 2018, that the voters of Oklahoma approved State Measure 788 with 56% of the vote to legalize medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

The law went into effect on July 26, 2018, and by August, the state was accepting applications from potential businesses, licensees, and caregivers.

Our corporation was formed on August 17th, 2018, and we have been working for you and the people of Oklahoma ever since.

The first of our Minerva Canna dispensaries opened in Grove on December 28, 2018, with locations in Tahlequah (Feb 2019), Langley (March 2019), and Broken Arrow (October 2019) soon to follow.

We acquired our facility near Langley in Northeast Oklahoma in December of 2018 to begin our own Minerva Canna grow operations.

But that facility has grown into so much more than even we imagined at the time as it is not only the home of our Minerva Canna grow, but also now the hub of our processing, extracting, and kitchen operations.

The Canna Cafe Kitchen started operating in March of 2019 and has become a state-wide leader in the production of high-end, infused edibles – made only from the highest quality ingredients and distillate.

And a little over a year later, we proudly introduced our Minerva Canna Carts to the marketplace in April of 2020.

We continue to this day to improve our processes, learn and implement best practices, and do everything in our power to bring you, the people of the great State of Oklahoma, only the finest medicinal marijuana products.

That’s the Minerva Canna standard, and that’s our commitment to you.


Cannabis flowers, or buds, are the “pretty” part of the plant, defined by their hairy, sticky and oftentimes sparkly crystals. While these flowers might not look like your traditional bouquet, once dried and harvested, they are used as medication.


Concentrates are made by extracting only the most valuable elements of the plant and turning them into a solvent, producing a product that has a very high THC content without leaves, stems or other unwanted materials. 


Cannabis-infused edibles from our own Canna Cafe Kitchen are a great way to medicate when dosed correctly. From banana bread to gummies, the world of THC and CBD-infused edibles has near limitless opportunities.

Minerva Canna Growhouse Flower
Minerva Canna Gummies
Minerva Canna distillate
RSO from Minerva Canna
Minerva Canna Chocolate Bars

Need help with your OMMA licensing?

Whether you are looking to get your medical license for the first time, or it is time to renew, we are here to help you.

Just come on in to the nearet Minerva Canna location to you and we will help you with everything you need to to apply for your license.

At no additional cost to you! (State licensing fees will apply – but that’s it!)

Testimonial from Sheryl

Love the employees! Always so friendly and outgoing!! Minerva always has good deals going on! I encourage everyone that has a medical license to come here!  I love thie place!! Y’all are awesome!!

Testimonial from Jessica

Hands down the best dispensary I have been in. While waiting on my sons card, I would call and chat with Jordan about the specific tinctures I needed. He is very knowledgeable and professional while maintaining a friendly down to earth vibe. He always gives great suggestions on flower/edibles for myself as well!

Testimonial from Chantilly

I came in today needing RSO and some pain cream, the budtender (I didn’t get her name) was very very helpful and knowledgeable! I would definitely recommend coming in and seeing them! I also overheard they help with getting your medical Marijuana card thru OMMA!

Testimonial from Kelsey

Great customer service, great products, fair prices! The variety here is amazing. The best edibles & carts! Higher mg edibles too! Brownies, cookies, gummies (omg they taste SO good), chocolates, fruity pebble treats, rice krispy treats, salted caramels… Super happy customer. HIGHly recommend.

Testimonial from Karla

I love this place. The staff was very friendly, and let me ask and look at as much stuff as I wanted. I will definitely go back…probably tomorrow!

Testimonial from Bob

Absolutely excellent place. Product/ price/ and service cannot be beat!

Testimonial from Lauren

The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They always have great deals going on and affordable prices. Their edibles are the best I have found by far!

Testimonial from Samantha

Minerva Canna’s gummies are the best. You can’t change my mind.