Minerva Canna of Oklahoma


At Minerva Canna of Oklahoma, we believe that nature provides the best medicine and it is our goal to bring to you only the finest and most pure products to manage your wellness. Come visit us at our Grove or Tahlequah locations, and stay tuned as we expand to Stillwater and Langley in the near future.


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Cannabis flowers, or buds, are the “pretty” part of the plant, defined by their hairy, sticky and oftentimes sparkly crystals. While these flowers might not look like your traditional bouquet, once dried and harvested, they are used as medication.


Concentrates are made by extracting only the most valuable elements of the plant and turning them into a solvent, producing a product that has a very high THC content without leaves, stems or other unwanted materials. 


Cannabis infused edibles are a great way to medicate, when dosed correctly. From banana bread to gummies, the world of thc and cbd infused edibles has near limitless opportunities.

Locations and Menus

In addition to our Grove and Tahlequah locations, we will be opening soon in Langley (serving the South Grand Lake area), and Stillwater.

Now Open in Grove

1620 S. Main Street, Suite E

Grove, OK 74344

(918) 791-0733

Hours of Operation


10 am - 7 pm


Noon - 5 pm

Now Open In Tahlequah

1800 S. Muskogee, Suite 2

Tahlequah, OK 74464

(918) 772-5023

Hours of Operation


10 am – 8 pm


Noon – 5 pm